Our 10 Step Recruitment Guide

We’ve hired over 100 employees and swear by this process.

We thought you’d benefit from knowing our secrets too, so here is our 10 step hiring guide.

1 – Agree Who To Hire

You’ll need to agree on who they want, What They’ll Do and on what basis they want the job filled i.e. casual, part-time, salaried etc.

Take a look at the Fair Work Website for job categories.

1 – Agree Who To Hire
2 – Get Approval

2 – Get Approval

Make sure you have approval (whether it’s from the Finance team, the hiring manager or the Operations Manager/CEO to hire BEFORE you start the recruitment process.

If you don’t have this, you’ll find the job might be pulled when you’re ready to make an offer.

That will only make YOU yes, YOU, not the hiring manager look silly.

3 – Get the Right Word Out There

If you’re going to market i.e. putting an advert on Seek or other website/platform consider how you want your company brand to be seen. What are the key messages you want to put across? Why is Your Company Awesome To Work For? What information are you going to give candidates?

3 – Get the Right Word Out There
4 – Shortlist Scrupulously

4 – Shortlist Scrupulously

Know what you’re looking for before you start to shortlist.

I’ve got a trick here, work with the job description and decide on the critical knowledge, skills and experience you need.

5 – Know the Law

Always consider anti-discrimination legislation and Equal Employment Opportunity Law.

5 – Know the Law
6 – Screen and Save Time

6 – Screen and Save Time

Make a screening call to candidates to reduce your shortlist without spending too much time in face-to-face interviews.

A screening call can help you weed out candidates whose CV’s look good but

  1. aren’t able to clearly articulate themselves over the phone,
  2. are expecting too higher/lower salary and/or,
  3. aren’t available when you need them.


7 – Smart Interviewing is Key

7 – Smart Interviewing is Key

Interview using Behavioural interview techniques.

Don’t trust your gut all the time.

If you can, always interview with the hiring manager, they’ll know more about the day-to-day requirements of the role and can put their questions to the candidate too.


8 – Check References8 – Check References!

Need I say more, a reference is just that. If a candidate can’t get their references to vouch for them (and trust me people make these mistakes) you shouldn’t be hiring them.


9 - Paperwork9 – Paperwork

Do the paperwork before the candidate commences, and make sure you get it right. Make sure an employment contract does not go against the National Employment Standards and includes elements of the Modern Award (if applicable).

10 – Induct Your New Employee10 – Induct Your New Employee

Showing a new starter to their desk and around the office on their first day is just the beginning of an Induction program. Ensure you have a fully fleshed out program to make sure you support your new employee to understand the company and their job role in their first 3-6 months.  If you need a hand with Recruitment, we’re here to help.  You can download a free copy of this 10 Step Recruitment E-Book.

Our 10 Step Recruitment Guide png

Our 10 Step Recruitment Guide

As always, should you need some help, please get in touch.