5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Job Descriptions

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May 27, 2018
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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Job Descriptions

Why have job descriptions?

We all know that we’re supposed to have job descriptions for everyone that works for us right? But why do we need them and why are they so important?

It Makes Business Sense

A good job description is an important management tool. It will help you get the right person on board as well as grow and develop them in the organisation and keep them too – Especially Important With Those Gen Y Yuppies Right Now.

If you needed any more justification, here it is.


Target the Right Applicants


As a Recruitment Tool

A job description will make its easier to write the job advertisement as you’ve already articulated the highlights of the job. It’s easier to Know What Skills and Experiences You Need for the job if you know what the person in the position actually does or will do. By having a job description you’ll help target the right applicants and waste less time looking through CV’s that don’t come close to matching your needs.


Performance Management and Salary Reviews

A job description is essential if you need to manage an employee’s performance. Job descriptions detail an employees responsibilities and the outcomes they’re responsible for. It’ll also help you run your yearly performance reviews and determine who is meeting job demands and qualifies for a salary review. You can add KPIs into job or position descriptions too.


As a Training Tool

Job descriptions encompass the skills, knowledge and qualifications that are essential and desirable for an employee to have. With the constant training requirements Gen Y put on employers and their increasing numbers in the workforce, a job description will help you identify and plan for training and career development activities.


Keep Gen Y Employees Longer


As a Rewards and Recognition Tool

A job description will help you to reward and recognise those who are contributing the most to your bottom line. It’ll help you recognise great performance because it’ll give you a benchmark to work from when you’re determining what ‘above and beyond’ is.


As a Succession Planning Tool

If you have many people in the same job role, the results of performance reviews, salary reviews and rewards and recognition programs within the department will certainly enable you to identify top talent. These are the people you move into project teams and promote when positions become available.

We specialise in position descriptions for all types of small business. Get in touch if you need some help.