6 Ways to Defeat Procrastination

Procrastination has been the bane of our existence for hundreds of years.

But what many people don’t realise is that it is actually a lack of multiple variables:

Motivation, understanding the purpose of a task, burnout & dissatisfaction.

Here are some simple steps to get you started on that task that you keep putting off!

#1. Simplify It

In the face of a large task, our brains may be overwhelmed with the amount of information at hand. In this instance, it is common that we will try to avoid the task and suppress the need to work on it.

By breaking the task into smaller steps will enable you to see that the task at hand is not as daunting.

A good approach is to begin by outlining what tasks you need to complete and determine how long each one will take.

Simplify It

While you are still organising the time frames for each task, use this momentum to begin on the smaller tasks.

A lot of the time we don’t realise that taking small and insignificant steps will help to engage our brains and help us begin. Remember that small steps will still get you closer to the goal – chipping away at that big monster of a job!

Reward Yourself Regularly

#2. Reward Yourself Regularly

It is important to set a time for breaks. We are not machines who are able to continuously work for hours without any rest.

Set break time to refresh – whether it’s going out for a walk, getting a coffee or lunch with a friend, there are many ways to switch off your brain from the task at hand.

When you reach a milestone or make significant progress in your work – that calls for a time for a bigger reward!

You can plan this ahead of time so that you’ll have something to look forward to. This can be going out and getting some drinks with friends in the evening or going for a fancy meal.

#3. Turn Off Distractions

Phone? Instagram? Snapchat? Just continuously checking your emails?

When you’re about to seriously begin working, turn your phone on silent and turn off all notifications.

If you have to have your phone with you, consider downloading applications such as Forest on IOS. These applications act as an incentive to not touch your phone for a set time period.

Turn Off Distractions

Give yourself no choice but to focus on the task at hand and it will pay off.

Delegate Where Possible

#4. Delegate Where Possible

If you are the type of person who takes on everything you can – consider delegating to others where possible.

If your talents lay in maths and calculations, but you’re not great when it comes to ideas – maybe ask a colleague of yours and help them out with any problems that they can.

It’s important to understand your own strengths and the strengths around you so that everyone can add value to one another. this will take the stress off and as a team, you will achieve better results.

#5. Daily & Weekly Routines

Develop a daily and weekly routine. Begin by searching or creating your own template for the day & week and print multiple copies.

Once you have your template – begin by writing your to-dos!

Get into the habit of doing this every morning so that you have a clear understanding of the most important tasks for each day. This will also help to remind any calendar bookings and free time blocks you have to plan accordingly.

Daily & Weekly Routines
Share Ideas

#6. Share Ideas

Last but not least, share ideas!

How many times have we told someone what we’re struggling with and whilst we are – we figure out our own solutions! This actually happens quite often.

Remember that the act of verbalising what is going on in our heads can provide us with a clearer picture.

Not to mention that our friends will also be able to provide their insight into the situation also.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

Don’t stop. Just look at how far you’ve come! 💪🌱 #MondayMotivation

6 Ways to Defeat Procrastination

6 Ways to Defeat Procrastination

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