Boosting Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Crafting a solid employer brand, as with all branding, is about good storytelling. Your company has an employer brand, whether or not you choose to manage it – it’s how your company is perceived in the marketplace, representing the people who work for you and plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining industry talent!

Social media plays a massive component in your employer branding. 

This approach is achieved through consistency, understanding what YOU have to offer and showcasing these points in the most genuine way possible.

It’s about using specific messaging to help attract key prospects and live out the story!

Valued employees are one of your most significant channels of referrals, particularly in an age of social media where employers no longer have complete control of their reputation.

1. Be a Thought Leader and Provide Relevant News

Thought leadership is now one of the most compelling ways to promote a brand – but there’s no one recipe for success.

As a leader, you must identify the right content mix for your brand to keep bringing people back. Depending on your company’s objectives, industry and size, we would suggest you create content that displays the following:

Be a Thought Leader and Provide Relevant News
  1. Industry Thought Leadership: Perspective on news and trends
  2. Organisational Thought Leadership: Company values and vision.
  3. Product Thought Leadership: Providing the best solution for clients


To choose which of the three are the most important for your company, review your overall strategy.

This will also be able to identify potential gaps in your brand’s influence. Ultimately, this will build your brand’s trust and credibility.

Share Positive Reviews

2. Share Positive Reviews

Having easy access to the internet has radically changed shoppers’ decision-making processes.

A positive online presence is pivotal in your branding, as 90% of customers read at least one review before deciding to visit your business.

Customer feedback creates ‘social proof’ that will attract new customers and will provide you with a steady pipeline of positive content to share across your social platforms.

Always encourage clients and customers to provide reviews after your engagement with them – consider offering coupons or discounts to incentivise them.

Reviews hold power to influence consumer decisions and strengthen your company’s credibility. Reviews can gain consumer trust, which will lead to improved profits for the business.

3. Manage and Maintain Social Engagement

When it comes to social engagement across your social media – focus on quality, not quantity.

The most significant measure of social media success is having an engaged audience, not just a large following.

Creating meaningful connections with current and future consumers will serve to boost your brand both on and offline.

Manage and Maintain Social Engagement

You can achieve meaningful connections by continuously practising – proactive and reactive engagement.

Reactive engagement – answering direct messages, replying to positive and negative feedback, mentions and consumer comments on your social posts.

Proactive Engagement: Sparking conversations with potential consumers, other markets, potential clients. Being proactive across social media is a great way to reach out, spread your business name, and essential say hey!

Share Staff Promotions, Team Training and Development Initiatives

4. Share Staff Promotions, Team Training and Development Initiatives

Sharing content that offers potential employees a glimpse of your company’s behind-the-scenes is an excellent way to attract talent!

Share company milestones, career development of existing staff, team strategy sessions and training workshops.

Keep the tone of social media profiles authentic.

We all desire growth and development.

A company that is committed to staff training and development will keep retain employees and keep them engaged.

Share when an employee has been promoted and promote your brand as a company that is committed to career development.

Boosting Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Boosting Your Employer Brand on Social Media