Hiring for Attitude or Skill?

Right from my early days in HR I have always been an advocate for hiring for attitude and training for skill.

I strongly believe that even the highest of achievers will fail with a poor attitude, bringing the company down with them at the same time.

The Background

Recently in discussions with a hiring manager, this very question came up.

We’d just brought on a new staff member, on a personal recommendation by the manager, based on her previous experiences working with the employee.

The Background

Whilst the positions and skillsets were different we also took into account the candidate’s attitude, commitment in getting the job done and dedication to the previous role when making our hiring decision.

A few weeks in we found ourselves wondering whether we had discussed the skill set and system requirements which were both in the job description sufficiently as it was apparent some were lacking.

Was This a Hiring Failure

Was This a Hiring Failure?

We decided that we hadn’t made a hiring failure, and took the discussion back to the reason we’d hired the person in the first place, attitude.

From here, it was fairly simple to make the decision to support the employee to gain the extra skills and computer literacy needed to succeed in the role rather than go through the hiring process again.

“What if we train them and they leave? What if you don’t, and they stay?”

A Proper Hiring Process

One thing we have implemented to maximise our chances of hiring success is conducting behavioural interviews as they delve deeper into a person’s character and personality traits that will carry them through when things get challenging.

I’m confident that this is the reason the majority of hires work out, you’ll always have the odd problem but implementing processes like this will reduce the likelihood of a hiring failure.

A Proper Hiring Process
Hiring for Attitude or Skill

Hiring for Attitude or Skill?

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