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HR Essentials

Your HR Solutions team for SMBs

If you’re suffering under a pile of HR documentation, rules and regulations, and want to comply (with clarity) with the Award, understand employment terms and conditions, interpret Enterprise Agreements or get help with Recruitment & Compliance, we help you make heads and tails of the HR Essentials in your business.

With the prominence of the Remote Workplace, the lines can feel a bit blurry. We help you manage the guidelines and rules, including WHS & employment conditions in the ‘new’ workplace.

List of services covered:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Employment Conditions
  • Compliance with Fair Work Act
  • Wages, Pay & Conditions
  • Award interpretation


Expert consulting and support to help you understand workplace laws, Modern Awards and staff pay and conditions.

Getting the HR basics right isn’t always straightforward. Talk to us about your HR Essentials and let’s get them right together.

HR Advice

Your HR Employment Advisory team

We help you analyse your HR employment terms and conditions, wages and salary, ensuring your business maintain best practices in the workplace.

Streamline your employee relations function with proven, successful outcome-driven HR advice.

Along with expert help from Urban HR, performance management, misconduct investigations and employee terminations are handled efficiently and effectively for all cases.

Should you be faced with staff misconduct or poor behaviour, we hold a Private Investigator’s Licence so you know we have the skills to conduct impartial investigations, such as:

  • Misconduct
  • Theft and fraud
  • Code of Conduct breaches
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Disrespectful behaviour

List of services covered:

  • Wages & Salary
  • Terms & Conditions of Employment
  • Role Classifications
  • Performance Management & Terminations
  • Grievances & Independent Investigations
  • Redundancies & Restructures

Whatever your specific business need, we develop HR solutions that meet your organisational priorities, goals and individual needs, while adhering to government regulations and rules.

For more content on specific HR-related topics, head to our Urban HR blog page and browse our helpful articles.

With the support and advice of the Urban HR specialists team, you can be confident your business HR practises are ticking all the right boxes.

HR Training & Development

Your HR Training & Implementation team

Training starts from when a new employee joins your organisation and ensures your employees are equipped with the skills, knowledge and competencies to perform their role effectively and efficiently.

Whether you need an induction guide set up or an ongoing training plan for your employees or help with succession planning, we’ll help you get it right.

Linking your training and development plans to performance assessment outcomes will also strengthen your HR function.

We can also help you develop KPIs for your employees.

Using experiential learning as a basis for program development, our programs go beyond boardroom discussions and integrate practical exercises that get to the fundamental behaviours and roles present in your team.

By drawing on your team’s current strengths and areas for development we’ll tailor your team building programs to meet your business needs.

Proper training and development plans increase the tenure of staff and natural succession plans fall into place.

List of services covered:

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Induction & Compliance Training
  • Performance Review Systems
  • Team Building Workshops


We value helping staff, new leaders and business owners learn skills that will build their Emotional Intelligence, resilience and wellbeing.

The Urban HR team can help you prepare and facilitate leading-edge workshops for your staff and managers. Our clients say our team building workshops are like nothing they’ve ever seen!

We have put together key information on training in our Urban HR blog, head over to learn more about your team’s development and why it’s important to get it right.

Bring your staff up to speed with compliance training, resilience, team building and leadership workshops.

Talk to us about tailoring a workshop to your needs today.

HR Projects

Your HR Management team

We all want to know our business is compliant and our documents are up-to-date with the most recent developments and best practice human resources in Australia.

List of services covered:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Position Description Development
  • HR Audits
  • Role Reviews & Task Analysis
  • Organisational Design

Our Policy and Procedure Packages are:

  • Business Basics
  • Business Booster
  • Business Best Practice


All packages come with forms, checklists and letter templates to help you be HR compliant!

We have prepared a tailored SMB HR Audit that covers the basics. You’ll know whether you’re compliant and if your documentation is up to scratch, protecting you from expensive legal costs.

Once the audit is completed we’ll provide you with a list of key recommendations, take the time to discuss them with you and help implement them too!

Whether you require once-off, project advice or ongoing advice we keep our fees reasonable so you can afford to get HR specialist advice without the expense of a full-time HR manager. Enquire today.

NDIS Provider Registration Support, Audit Preparation & Compliance

How do you become an NDIS Registered Provider?

If you’re looking at becoming an NDIS Provider or are already registered, and need to comply with the NDIS Provider rules in SA, then we can help.

NDIS Specialists page - 2

NDIS Provider services include:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Audit Readiness & Consulting
  • Staff Workshops


Head to our NDIS information page, for more information and to download our 3 step checklist for NDIS Provider readiness.