NDIS Provider - 3 step checklist

The Easiest Way to Become an NDIS Registered Provider:

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Apply for NDIS provider registration & prepare your documentation

NDIS Providers require compliance with regulated policies and procedures to gain and maintain their registration. We can help you determine how much or how little you need from us.

If you’re already a registered NDIS Provider, we can help you update your registration to ensure your systems comply with the NDIS rules and prepare you for the audit.

Need help? Urban HR will:

  • tailor documentation to specifically meet your business needs, or
  • provide you with the right documentation in a template format.

Through an understanding and focus on your business needs, Urban HR looks after the whole range of health providers, such as:

  • Speech Pathologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Occupational Therapists

What does the Urban HR, 3-step checklist cover?


Apply for Registration and Prepare Documentation

Submit an application through the NDIS Commission website, work out which components apply to your services, and conduct a self-assessment. Make sure you have all the documentation ready to go for your onsite audit.
Step 1


The audit type will depend on your registration categories. Some businesses only need a documentation audit (Verification), others with more risky services require an onsite audit as well (Certification). An NDIS Commission approved auditor will conduct the audit. Urban HR get you ready for audits, and separate external auditors conduct the audits.
Step 2

Become Registered

The NDIS Commission will consider the results of your audit and decide if you are successful or unsuccessful.

If unsuccessful you will receive feedback. Here's where Urban HR can assist!
Step 3

Are you unsure if you need to be a Registered NDIS Provider?

If you answer Yes, to any of the below questions, we can help you to:

  • manage document preparation from client to compliance,
  • tick off the registration requirements for the different NDIS Practice Standards,
  • do your registration on the portal and get the documentation ready for your audit.

NDIA Managed

Yes, I have clients who are NDIS participants managed by NDIA


Behaviour Support

Yes, I develop behaviour
support plans.


Compliance update

Yes, I am already registered with NDIA but need to update to comply with the Practice Standards


Specific Needs

Yes, I use restrictive practices, deliver specialist disability accommodation.

How do I become a registered NDIS Provider?

Apply, Audit, Assessment, Outcome, Meet registration requirements.

Sounds tricky? Our 3-step checklist can help you understand the application, self-assessment and auditing process towards becoming a registered NDIS provider.

As always, should you need some help, please get in touch.

Need guidance? Download our 3-step checklist