What Does a HR Advisor Do?

A day in the life of a HR Advisor

When I say I work in HR, or Human Resources, I often have to explain what that means.

Most people only ever see their HR person when they’re hired or when they’re leaving.


But there’s a lot more that we do!

HR is often misunderstood, we pulled together the research on what a HR Advisor actually does.

During an average week, HR people spend..

21.2% of their time on:

  • conflict resolution,
  • interviews,
  • reports,
  • & training.

42.7% of their time on:

  • providing advice,
  • meetings,
  • or responding to emails.

7.8% of their time on: 

  • strategy.

25.8% of their time on:

  • other HR activities.

What was found

  1. HR People need more space to think

  2. It’s best to have clarity on what they set out to achieve each day

  3. Daily goals need to be realistic, HR have a lot of interruptions

  4. Interruptions at work drive down the psychological flow

Project Overview

This study was conducted by John Molneux & Adam Frazer, with findings presented in HCAMAG, February 2015.

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What Does a HR Advisor Do?

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