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Working remotely and having an officeless company is now easier than ever, and more and more people are sick of 9 to 5 workdays and seeking flexible options. Working from home is not for everyone, though, and whether you chose that to spend more time with family, skip a lengthy commute or find more autonomy, sometimes you might feel isolated, left out and disconnected from the rest of your team. Here are some tips for helping you feel in touch.
With the holidays soon approaching, managing tight schedules and busy arrangements become extremely difficult. Here are 5 tips to beat the holiday blues this season. As a business, it’s important to keep up productivity throughout the holidays. But this becomes harder as less staff are involved in business operations and decision making. Not to mention the presence of “vacation brain fog.” Here’s what you can do!
We see and hear about workplace toxicity everywhere: people are getting more aware of what it means, learning to stand up for themselves and expect better treatment. and rightly so, we may add! Everyone wants to feel respected, valued and treated as a decent human being even when it is busy and stressful and there are so many pressures.
Even when you only have a couple of employees working for you, you will at some point start wondering whether you need to manage their interaction, and the larger the crew the more important it is. And even when it’s small: people can be very different and have a variety of work styles and some habits from previous workplaces – not all of which might prove useful or suitable for your company.