Beat the Holiday Blues

With the holidays soon approaching, managing tight schedules and busy arrangements become extremely difficult. Here are 5 tips to beat the holiday blues this season.

As a business, it’s important to keep up productivity throughout the holidays.

But this becomes harder as less staff are involved in business operations and decision making.

Not to mention the presence of “vacation brain fog.” Here’s what you can do!

TIP #1: Set Goals

The holidays are the time of year when everyone is at risk of losing sight of their goals!

It’s also the busiest time in terms of professional and personal life.

Plan a detailed schedule of everything that needs to be done before the end of the year.

Display these tasks visually in front of all employees to keep them reminded.

Set Goals

Small visual reminders are crucial to business deadlines and can help all team members stay on track!

Stay Focused

TIP #2: Stay Focused

Help employees stay focused by cancelling the holiday office noise.

Choose to celebrate one full day rather than an entire month.

Other key tips:

Set your day the night before: Get into the habit of planning your day in advance!

This will make it easier to avoid distractions and wasting time on unimportant things.

Do the most important things first: Eat the frog! This will make it easier to not fret about putting them off. By getting it done first thing in the morning, you will not waste further energy in your day!

TIP #3: Arrange Vacation Schedules Accordingly

Managers should set deadlines for submitting PTO days so that there is ample time to schedule work.

1. Plan in advance: Schedule your rosters months ahead of time

2. First come, first served:
This will cap the number of people that can take off time during the holidays.

Arrange Vacation Schedules Accordingly

3. Stagger the schedule: The idea is to always have coverage and at the same time, this will give employees time off during their holidays.

4. Keep a pool of part-timers: This will ensure enough staff are available during the holidays

5. Let employees work at home: Everybody owns a device these days. In a society where working from a virtual office anywhere is possible – this is now a viable option!

Be Prepared

TIP #4: Be Prepared

Communication and teamwork become more important than ever.

Prepare your team for potentially harder and shorter deadlines throughout the year so that the holiday season should be no problem!

Plan out a calendar with all the tasks and upcoming events and ask yourself:

  • How realistic is this list (think about daily commitments & non-negotiables)
  • What can you cut from this list?
  • What can you move or do now that will set you up to have more time and energy for the things you need to do?

TIP #5: Relax & Enjoy!

Dedicate time to celebrate! Reflect and discuss the achievements and invest time in enjoying the success of each individual.

Whether it’s a holiday potluck, or party, or dress up, schedule a day to do so.

Remember that, “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

Relax & Enjoy

At the end of the year, this is the most important time to build quality relationships with your colleagues.

Prepare small gifts and acknowledge each other’s efforts. A little goes a long way!

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

Believe in the power of action & get started! 👊💥 

Beat the Holiday Blues

Beat the Holiday Blues

As always, should you need some help, please get in touch.